Memcached is an object caching system, which has been gaining in popularity in recent years thanks to its efficiency. It is used to cache requests and responses between a database and the application that’s using it, which can accelerate the overall performance of your Internet site and lessen the produced server load greatly. Anytime a webpage on an app-powered website is opened, the application connects to the database and "asks" what info should be displayed, and then extracts it. With Memcached, these steps are omitted, as the platform has already cached all of the content that should be displayed on a given page. If any content is changed, the Memcached content is ‘refreshed’ too, so the users will never see outdated content. Memcached is an excellent solution for any Internet site that has many visitors, as it will make it extra-fast and will improve the overall user experience.

Memcached in Cloud Hosting

The Memcached content caching system is available as an upgrade with every Linux cloud hosting package that we are offering and you can start using it once you add it, since the PHP extension that it requires in order to function correctly is already installed on our avant-garde cloud website hosting platform. You can order the upgrade via the Hepsia Control Panel, which is included with every shared web hosting plan and a new section where you can administer Memcached will show up. The upgrade is subdivided into two parts – the number of instances and the amount of system memory, so as to give you more versatility. The first one refers to the number of the sites which can use Memcached, while the second, which is available in increments of 16 MB, determines the total size of the content that can be cached by the system. A traffic-heavy Internet site with a large-sized database may require more memory so as to take an even greater advantage of the Memcached caching system, so in case you’d like to upgrade this feature, you will be able to do it at any time with a couple of mouse clicks.

Memcached in Semi-dedicated Hosting

You can get the Memcached memory caching system as an optional upgrade with each of our semi-dedicated packages and since it works with any script-driven web application, you can use it for each Internet site that you host on our semi-dedicated servers, regardless of what application you have used – WordPress, Mambo or Joomla, a custom app, etc. You can order the upgrade from the respective section of the Hepsia Control Panel from which you manage your semi-dedicated account, and you can choose two separate features – the number of instances and the amount of system memory that they will use. To put it in simple terms, these things show how many websites will use the Memcached system and the amount of memory that the system will be able to use in order to cache your info. The two things are offered independently for more freedom and one instance does not come with a fixed amount of memory. You can make use of Memcached with any kind of site and both you and your website visitors will swiftly notice the difference in the overall performance.

Memcached in VPS Hosting

Memcached comes as standard with all VPS hosting ordered with our custom Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The extension it requires so as to perform correctly is compiled when the VPS is set up, so you can start using the content caching platform as soon as your new VPS is fully operational. The system memory that the Memcached platform can employ depends on the given Virtual Private Server plan, but even with the less powerful plans, you will get several hundred megabytes that will be at your disposal for this platform exclusively. This will allow you to improve the performance of multiple websites hosted on the VPS server simultaneously and to decrease the load even if you’ve got traffic-hungry script-powered sites with multiple users. The Memcached caching platform can be used with any script – Joomla, Mambo or Drupal, or a custom-made one, and you’ll distinguish the faster performance soon after you start using it.

Memcached in Dedicated Web Hosting

You can use the full potential of Memcached with each and every dedicated server offered by us in case you choose Hepsia as your hosting Control Panel. A special Control Panel section is dedicated to the object caching system and you can start using Memcached for any website hosted on the dedicated machine with just a couple of clicks. You can optimize the overall performance of any website, regardless of what script-driven software application you rely on or how popular the site is, as the minimum amount of system memory that Memcached will be able to use is three gigabytes and this amount grows seriously with the more powerful servers. Soon after the system is activated, it will begin caching data every time someone browses your site, so, as soon as enough info has been stored, you’ll see the decreased load on the dedicated server and the enhanced overall performance of your website. The Memcached caching system is being used by many sites, including popular portals like Wikipedia, Zynga and Reddit, which demonstrates the efficiency of the caching system.